Select multiple events

Is there a way with nuendo/cubase to do that:
When I have multiples events on a track
select the first event and select the last event and all the events between them are selected?

Thanks a lot

Right click and choose select all events would do the trick.

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Just to add: The right click is done at the respective track in the track list.

All Tracks

If you want to select only certain events, you can use the object selection tool:

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Thanks a lot!

@Frederick_Caramia note also: holding Shift and double clicking on an event selects all events from that point to the end, which is sometimes useful.


Hello, I tried with « select all event » but it’s not I’d like to get.

I’d like to select 7 events Afterwards (without selecting them one by one) with the range selection tool and have all these 7 events Surrounded by red. After that I can Decrease the gain volume of these 7 clips at the same time. What I would like is not to select them one by one.


Alternatively, you can select the first event with the object selection tool and then select the subsequent events with SHIFT + arrow key. But I don’t know of a way to do this with the range selection tool.
If you need the range selection tool often, then you can combine it with the object selection tool. Then the tool changes automatically, depending on where you click in the track.

Maybe someone knows another way that is more in line with your wishes.