Select Multiple MIDI Track - Touch OSC

I have an orchestral template and I’m trying to use Touch OSC for speed up the process of selection, using Macros and PLE.
I can select a MIDI track (both the Track and the MIDI part), but then if I want to select more tracks i can’t use “shift” as I would use with the mouse.
For example I have a “button” “violins 1” but if I want select the “Flute 1” too, I can’t just hold down Shift and press the “flute 1 button”.
Using a color code for every track I have this in my PLE
How can I solve this?

Hi, if I understand you correctly, you actually want to add to your already selected tracks, the ones which satisfies your PLE conditions.

One way to do this, is as shown here:

This will add to already selected, the ones which contain “Bass”.
Note that I deliberately didn’t insert the other conditions (Track type and so on) which you have to insert actually. I did this for just showing the missing condition in this specific case.

Now this means that if you want to explicitly select “Bass” you will need another PLE, without the second condition.

Thanks m.c I’m trying using your advice but I still have some problems.
Basically what I wanted to do is: if I have a MIDI part already selected, I want to add at the selection another MIDI part.
with the mouse it’s easy because I have just to click on a MIDI, hold down Shift and click another one, and in the Key Editor I can see both tracks.
Using PLE I can see one track. but as soon as I select another one the first one “disappear” from the Key Editor, so I’m not able to have them both in the Key Editor.
I hope I explained myself better… :face_with_diagonal_mouth: