Select multiple VST/VSTi plugins to load

It would be nice to be able to hold shift and select multiple plugins to load. So, you hold shift, and click on what plug-ins you want and the order in which you click on them is the order in which they load (a little number would be displayed next to each plug-in you click signifying its order in the queue), and they load from the insert you click on and fill whatever empty insert spaces that follow. ex:

2.Empty <----- Load plugin(s): EQ1 (1), Compressor1 (2), EQ2 (3), Tube Emu (4)
3.Distortion A

Result would be:

3.Distortion A
6. Tube Emu

Maybe Cubase could prompt an option to swap previously loaded plugins (in this case ‘3.Distortion A’) or keep them.

This would also be great for loading multiply delay plugins into the same FX channel because you want to play around with a select few and decide which you like, or utilize a combination.

You are aware of the channel presets?

Yes, but not every combination at any given time, is in a preset… And some people have more than 8 delay plugins.

A channel preset if I’m not mistaken, would also remove any current plugins already added.


This would also be good when adding VST Instruments and effects. I’m able to create a number of instrument tracks but I’m only able to pick one instrument at a time unless I want multiple instances of the same Synth. The same when adding an Effects Channel Track. Yes, track Presets are helpful and , but I’d like to be able to add multiple effects and instruments with a check box set-up.

Good call, I’ll edit the title to include VSTi instruments.