Select New Song Crashes VST Live

Not a consistent error, but sometimes when I have one song selected and then select a new song in the left hand songlist, the application crashes (this has happened with different versions). This happened in the middle of a show last night (using 1.1.80)…bit awkward having to restart the app mid-show. …I know that is difficult for you to replicate with just that amount of information, but it would be helpful to know if there is some kind of dump file (like Cubase has) to allow me to review what the error was.

That is too bad, we don’t accept crashes at all. Windows or Mac?

Dell Precision 5570, 32GB Ram, 12th Gen Intel Core i&-12800H 2.40 GHz CPU, Windows 11 Enterprise 22H2 64 Bit OS (OS Build 22621.1702). Audio Interface Steinberg UR816C. Audio Driver USB Driver V2.1.5 for Windows 11/10 (64-bit).

Ran into the same thing. Less often than in previous versions, but it still happens occasionally.

Please send us crash reports, if any. On Windows, pls check


or more precisely


Interesting. For some strange reason my Steinberg\CrashDumps folder is in a Windows OneDrive folder, which, being OneDrive, is a cloud location. I turned off Wi-Fi on my laptop when I was using it live, to avoid any unnecessary interference with the business of running a VST Live project at a live gig, & thus, I have no crashdump file from the crash that happened during the show, but I’ll bet OneDrive had some role to play in that.

So as a first step, I’m guessing I should somehow reinstall VST Live without any components being installed to OneDrive. I’ll check my home computer to see if it has any useful crashdump files. Thanks for the info!

The One Drive folder is local, it only syncs with the cloud if applicable. If there are crashdumps in there, feel free to send those, thanks!

The v.1.1.80 file was the crash during the gig. The other is another one from earlier for reference…
VST Live Version 1.1.80 2023.5.20 (1.7 MB)
VST Live Version 1.1.71 2023.4.30 (1.7 MB)