Select next plugin window not working properly anymore

Under Cubase 12 on Mac I have the following issue.
I’ve recently installed two new plugins. When operating the key command “Select next plugin window” these recently installed plugins won’t show up in the forefront. They stay in the background. Only way to get to them is by closing or moving all the other plugin windows.
If anyone has a solution for this bug pls let me know

Maybe you need to disable or enable “Always on Top” from each plug-in window?

You can enable or disable “Always on Top” for each individual plugin?
I thought you can only enable this as a general setting for all the plugins. Which I have enabled in my case

I think it’s per window now. Was it in 10.5? 11? I don’t recall.

How can I enable or disable it on a per plugin basis?
I can only find the general setting “Alway on top” which is enabled in my case.
The problem is that all my recently installed plugins don’t behave in this manner. They stay in the background