select no insert on several channels?

Is it possible to do the following?:

Let´s say I have 5 channels with different VST´s as inserts.Is there a way to set all of them to NO INSERT in one go, or do you have to close them one by one?

I don´t mean to bypass them.


The fastest way, how to remove all plug-ins of one Channel is to right-click to the INSERTS tab header in the MixConsole and choose Clear function.

You can also use a Backspace Key Command, but this one works only if the INSERTS section is collapsed. So:

  1. Make sure the INSERTS section is expanded in the MixConsole.
  2. Click to the INSERTS section in the MixConsole, to collapse it.
  3. Use Backspace Key Command to Clear Inserts.

Once you have one channel clean, you can also drag-and-drop the INSERTS section (from the INSERTS tab header) to another one. So you will copy the Inserts from channel to another one. In this case the empty Inserts.

You can’t apply any of these functions to the multiple tracks at once.

Thanx Martin!
That was what I was looking for. :smiley: