Select non adjacent staffs

I have 4 Horns and I want to select Trumpet Staff 1 and Trombone Staff 4 at the same time and use articulations. How do I do this? I can use filters , but in the score it’s quicker this way.

Many Thanks

Stan McKee

Setting up an instrument filter for those instruments and then Shift-clicking staves in the filtered view could work?

Or just apply the articulations to the Trumpet, and copy/paste articulations to the Trombone.

I created the filter for the two instruments and with shift click it works.
Thanks Ben for the tip
Just tried this in Sibelius and with shift click (Trumpet) and Command click on Trombone
on non adjacent staffs it works.
Question: Is it not possible in the full score without having to create filters?

Select the first and last note of each staff with <ctrl><click>. Then invoke the Select More command and everything in between will be selected.

Hello Craig,
That did it !! Thanks a lot ! It works on Mac OS with Command Click not with Control.

Stan McKee

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