Select note in tie chain?

If I select the last note in a tie chain with my mouse, it selects all the notes in the tie. How do I just select for example the last note in the tie?

It should be possible while in Engrave Mode.

Right, I do see this in Engrave mode but I work in Write mode so wondering how it could work there? Basically I’d like to quickly select a note in a tie chain and be able to copy/paste just that note/rhythmic value sometimes.

You have to cut the ties then re-tie. I’ve got used to it as better for some things, worse for others.

Under that scenario, you could just stay in Write Mode,
Copy, paste, then while still selected just type the number of your desired note value.

…as long as the pasted note won’t overwrite things you need.

Same thing here.
Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-18 um 16.48.37.png
I’d just like to put a ‘forte’ under the third note and draw a cresecendo sign. This is not possible before I un-tie the notes, right?
That sounds very ‘detour-like’ for me.

In which situations is it better?

You don’t have to untie the notes. Move the note input cursor to where you want, then type Df<. The hairpin wont display yet because Dorico doesn’t know where it ends. Move the cursor to the end of the hairpin (note, move it with the arrow keys, don’t leave note entry mode and then double-click to show the cursor again) and do D< again to end the hairpin.

Actually you don’t need to type D< to input only a hairpin, because < (and >) are shortcuts for that. But if you want to start the hairpin with another dynamic mark, pressing “D f enter <” is the same amount of work as pressing “D f < enter” and both do the same thing.

That works perfectly. Thanx Rob ! Super :slight_smile: