Select note lower than x?

Hi, is there a way to select all notes that are lower than x ?
It would be very useful i.e. to move all notes lower than middle C in to a 2nd system with a bass clef.
Midi import will not help me because I use microtonal pitches…

Will this work?
Edit → Filter → Notes by Pitch

I believe you need to make a selection first and the above filters that selection.

this will not work because I have to type it for every possible pitch below x which will take forever…
It would be great to have in the filter tool the option “lower than” or “higher than”

There’s not currently an option for that.

Was this some kind of import to start with?

You can try selecting notes in the Key Editor. It is possible to draw a bar below the pitch you want. It is possible to scroll by during the selection

Thanks! Great idea!