Select notes by pitch range?

I’m looking for a way to select notes by pitch range (e.g. all notes, diatonic and chromatic, between E3 and C0). The filter doesn’t seem to support this, and AFAICS I need to add all the notes one by one manually. Not a daunting task of course, but is there a method that I’m missing? The job could be made quicker if the dialog included ‘all’ in the pitch dropdown (with an octave specified), but that doesn’t appear to be available either.

No, I’m afraid at the moment there’s no way to select a range of pitches. I agree it would be useful and I hope we’ll be able to add it in future.


Is it still not possible to select by pitch range? Or select all note below C4 in order to get into a new system?

Not via dialog currently, no. But you can drag a box around notes to select.
I assume by “a new system” you mean moving notes onto the staff below.

with certain libraries, there can be a difference in dynamic in certain ranges. Sometimes it is scaled and at others, it’s simply a matter of a sudden change at a specific pitch. As it is possible to select a range through the laborious process of of adding one note at a time, it surely can’t be so hard to extend this to a range as other music software I’ve used can (pretty sure Cubase had it around 1992)? I’m glad and appreciate that Daniel is considering this as it seems to be of these filter functions which is rather basic which somehow got left by the wayside.