Select one audio event Nuendo then selects many audio events

Out of the blue without doing anything I am aware of I am suddenly unable to select individual audio events. I click on a single audio event and it selects other audio events. Mostly vertically. After a search it appears that I am the only person in the world with this issue and nothing stands out to me in preferences as being activated. Anyone got any ideas as to what is going on? TIA.

Sounds like you MAY have inadvertently grouped or locked your events. Is that a possibility? Try right clicking on the event(s) (rather than the tracks) and see if "ungroup"or “unlock” is available. I’ve had it happen before.


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Thanks Chewy,

Right clicking just gives me the tool selection, ctrl right just gives me the standard dialogue. The events have definitely not been grouped and this happens throughout the project.

How about the preference Auto-select Events Under Cursor plus Video Follows Edit Mode?

Which version of nuendo are you running? Is q-link enabled? What platform? Are these multichannel files on mono tracks that you importer or from an AAF? Help us help you…

Thanks Steve = neither of those.

klfnk2020 - thanks for the interest. It’s N12 on a PC. This is version 10 of an edit, if I go back to version 9 it doesn’t have this issue, works as expected. I go back to V10 and that’s when it happens. It’s not Q Link. The files originally came from an AAF sent to me. These are the files we are not using having chosen other takes but occasionally we change our minds about a take and listen to the alternatives again. When we do this we’ll audition them and choose a replacement but I am, as the video shows, unable to select individual sound events. They are not grouped and were never poly wavs. It just started to happen and I am unaware of having done anything that could have caused this.

I can drag the audio out onto a timeline but they come together as a group which I cannot separate. Sure it is going to turn out to be something really stupid but any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. Thanks.

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 4.34.37

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Thanks. Will take a look.

It’s the = like button.

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Hi Takashi,

You nailed it. Thanks so much. I searched and searched and this never came up anywhere. I never consciously touched this button and certainly did not know about it. As predicted it was something stupid. Every day’s a school day. All the best.

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