Select ONLY bottom notes in a selection

Hi friends! I’m trying to effectively use Cantamus to make rehearsal tracks for singers. Because Cantamus has issues with divisi within a single staff, I have duplicated my flow and added additional Soprano and Alto staves with the intention of copying and pasting, for example, the original Soprano part with divisi into another Soprano staff and removing the divisi pitches in both staves. When I select to the end of the flow and filter bottom notes, it selects single notes too (I shouldn’t be surprised, that is what it says it will do). Is there a way to select ONLY the bottom or top notes of the divisi and leave the non-divisi pitches unselected? Thanks so much!

I just work through bit by bit. Use Alt-M to move and set Ctrl-Alt-M to Duplicate to staff below.

You could do the complement: select all, switch to “Deselect”, and then “Top Notes or Single Notes”?

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I think you can do this way:

  1. Select your notes
  2. Filter>Notes in Voices> bottom or single notes
  3. Filter>Deselect only
    4)Filter>Notes in Voices>Top or single notes

You should be left with just the bottom note of chords.

I haven’t tried it but can you filter the bottom note and then just do it again?

No, because that retains the non chordal (single) notes.

Thanks, Janus! I’ll try this when I’m back at my desk.