Select part - editor should change to drum/key editor


I tend to work with a key edit window or or drum edit window always open on one of my screens. That way, when I click on a midi part, the editor instantly reflects that part. However, when the edit window currently open is a drum editor (that is, it is a drum-mapped part), and then I select a different part from my arrangement that is a musical midi note part, the editor window does not change to a key editor, it remains as a drum edit window. And vice-versa. So I have to close the editor and open the part again. Is it possible to make my always-open edit window “know” whether the part I select is a drum part or a midi part, and change itself accordingly?

Thanks for any help!

+1. I’d like to be able to set the default MIDi editor on a per track basis. And/or on a per MIDI channel basis (some of us still always use channel 10 for drums!)

I support this message.