Select Profile on Startup


Please give us the option to choose a profile on startup. Starting Nuendo, change profile and restart the app, makes little sense to me.

Thank You.

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Unfortunately this is not technically possible. The profile is choosing the preferences settings, which is loaded before you get Nuendo UI.

Well, then the profile should be chosen before that.

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…So… all those software titles out there that provide a profile selection menu on startup or multiple start menu shortcuts for starting software in various configurations have managed to pull off… the “impossible”?

I am surprised you even had to state that. Are we all missing something here?

The problem can be easily solved by Steinberg:
You could store (fore example) three icons for 3 profiles with the parameter “nuendo.exe -profile 1” … “nuendo.exe - profile 3”. Then the profile can be loaded before the GUI is started.
The bigger problem, however, is that you can have a coffee in the meantime because all the plugins are being rescanned.


It’s not about the .exe file. It’s about the preferences folder and some other files.

But in fact you can make own (shell) script with 1 parameter.

  • Rename Niendo Preferences A/B/C (parameters) folder to Nuendo Preferences folder.
  • Start Nuendo

Why do they have to be rescanned? Does anyone know why that has to be? Isn’t every user getting the same Plug-ins on one machine? Probably the Blacklist? Would be nice to have the option to rescan.

I have Nuendo on 4 computers. And when I have written a few macros on one computer or changed settings, I import the profile to the other 3 computers. Everything is rescanned each time.
This is probably because the computers have slightly different plugins. There may be a list of plugins in the profile file. The same happens when I import an older profile from the backup.

Then how are we given a “Safe Mode” option? Surely we can have a “Load Profile” option. Or better yet, a way to choose whether to have an option? There are ALWAYS options :slight_smile: