Select RANGE on ALL Tracks using Range Tool?

Is there a way to Select RANGE on ALL Tracks using Range Tool? Seems like there should be a modifier key for editing multiple tracks with the range selection tool when tracks are not grouped.



Yes, hold down Shift + Ctrl/Cmd modifiers, before you start to set the range. Unfortunately the Ctrl/Cmd modifier is also responsible for the temporarily Snap switch Off. So in this case the Snap is always switched Off.

Well Actually it doesn’t work - at least on a mac. When I use this key combination I get the menu of tools plus a long list of other functions. Same as Control clicking.

Any suggestions??

Many thanks

I just noticed that if you have a marker track at the top. The Shift + Ctrl/Cmd modifiers does not work on that track. You need to do your range selection with Shift + Ctrl/Cmd modifiers on a non-marker track!


This is not only when the Marker track is on the top (I do understand it so that you mean on the top of the track list). It’s always like this, once you hover over the Marker track data and you hold down Ctrl/Cmd. This modifier has been used to create a Cycle Marker.

So in fact, it’s a modifiers conflict.

But the workaround is very simple. Just hove over other but Marker track, when you want to Select Range on All tracks.

Yes that is a conflict. That is wha I learned to do. Thanks.

so theres no way to select all tracks in range with snap ?