Select sequential legato notes of same pitch

Can any of you clever MIDI manipulators, Logical Editor mavens, or insanely smart Cubase veterans help me with the following?

I’d like to be able to Select all notes that are either a) followed immediately by, or b) overlap with, another note of the same pitch.

When such notes show up in the middle of a legato phrase, they often need to be shortened to get a clear articulation – or, if there is an overlap, to avoid a dropped note altogether.

So far my method is to hunt these issues down one at a time.

Is there a better way?

Chris Trimble

Did you try delete overlaps mono?

Thank you misohoza … that’s close to what I want.

But this function does not allow any way to differentiate between notes of the same pitch (where overlaps can be very bad) and notes of a different pitch (where overlaps can be desirable.)

Also, it does not leave the notes selected, which would allow them all to be further shortened. A small gap between notes of the same pitch is often quite desirable.