select show only loops or only samples in right window media browser

how can i select between show only audio loops or audio samples in right-hand window media browser ?


In the MediaBay Rack, click to Loops & Samples, select from the Library. Now Audio Samples and Audio Loops are shown.

  • If you want to show Audio samples only, Select media Type: Audio Files.
  • If you want to show the loops, Select media Type: MIDI Loops.

yea thats the initial issue I have,
it shows BOTH audio samples and loops,
but I want to show ONLY audio loops, or in another search ONLY show samples.
when I want to see only audio loops I dont want to see audio samples,
and when I want to see only audio samples I dont want to see audio loops


What is a difference for Audio Loop and Audio Sample for you, please? There is no Audio Loop Media Type in Cubase.

audio loop = 1bar or longer audio drum loop.
audio sample = one shot sample (snare drum sample, kick drum sample etc…)

in logic X you can either select just audio loops or audio one shot sample which is extremely convenient


Then you can add the length parameter to your filter (query) in MediaBay to distinguish these.

I’m not aware Cubase would do it by default. From Cubase point of view all these are Audio files.

how can I set the audio length filter ?