Select Similar Crashes SL7

OSX 10.14.6 - In Stand-Alone (waiting for Extension fix), trying to Select Similar produces an instant crash of SpectraLayers Pro 7. This occurs both with Select Next and Select All. Crash Reports attached. (44 KB)

Unfortunately your CPU doesn’t support AVX instructions, which is required to use Select Similar, Unmix Components and Clip Repair.
Mac usually support AVX instructions after 2010.
A future update might lift this restriction later this year.

Oh wow. That’s a big portion of SpectaLayers that is unusable. Wish I had known that before I spent a significant amount of money to buy it.

I appreciate your quick response and a glimmer of hope? Do you mean that you might remove this restriction from SpectraLayers? Or are you speaking of developments in OSX. I ask because if I want to keep using my Steinberg MRX I can’t upgrade beyond Mohave. The latter places me in a prohibitive upgrade of many (even tens of) thousands of dollars for computer and interface. As you may know, Apple has costed the mac pro on par with a luxury vehicle, and Steinberg has dropped driver support for the MRX series. Seems like evaporating love anywhere for mid-range customers who are still able to lay out mere hundreds or smaller thousands at a time. Not your problem, I know. I knew this day would arrive, but didn’t think it would cost so much to find out it was here already.

So is there a glimmer of hope for Spectralayers itself? Should I avoid Cubase 11? I know I am not the only one here who would be helped by a heads up.

Thanks Robin. Fingers crossed for this exciting tool.

Well, great news, I successfully lifted the AVX restriction today, much sooner than expected :slight_smile: So it will also be part of wednesday’s patch !

As far as I know Cubase 11 won’t need AVX either, you should be good (I can’t speak for the Cubase team though, I’m not involved in the development).

Wow, again! Robin, it is a great pleasure to do business with you. Thanks very much for your prompt consideration. :smiley: