Select staff

I’m struggling to select a whole staff. Like it is described in the manual you have to select the first note, then activate the expand- selection -button, scroll to the last page and then select the last note. It doesn’t work for me. It’s complicated enough to scroll the score without tapping on the notes. But when I tap on the last note, the notes in the staff are not properly selected. Sometimes only a few notes are selected or in a piano -part both staffs are selected. Is there any way to select a whole staff easily?

Select the first note, then Edit->Select To End Of Flow.:


I’m using the Ipad version

Oops, third time I missed the iPad tag. Sorry.


Using the Extend Selection button should be reliable. You might find it easier to make the selection in galley view, perhaps, as then you only have to worry about moving the view in one direction.

However, we should definitely add the Select to End of Flow command to the iPad version in due course.


For me the Selecting procedure isn’t reliable at all. In page view it is a pain, nearly impossible. Also in galley view I can’t manage it to select a long staff. When I touch the display to scroll with one finger, the selection is lost. Scrolling is pain. When the Extend Selection Button is activated, you have to scroll with two fingers and it isn’t smooth at all. Please, add a button to select a whole staff or select more. A key command doesn’t help, because a lot of people (me too) don’t use a keyboard.

Hi Wibem1,

Maybe try the following:

Select the first item
Do not turn on extend selection yet
Scroll to the last item you want to select
Turn on extend selection
Select the last item
You should now have a selection from start to finish
Before you do anything, first turn off extend selection.

When extend selection is on, sometimes unexpected things seem to happen. I’ve been messing around with this for a while too…