Select tool for audio doesn’t seem to work

I am trying to select a small portion of an audio ( to perform a fade in ) but the select tool doesn’t seem to work. I get a bouncing square box on the waveform but I can’t drag it or select a portion of the waveform.

Tap on the audio file once to select it. You’ll see resizing squares on the corners of the clip. The bottom square resizes the whole clip. The top square does a fade in (move to right) or fade out at the end of the clip (move left of course).

Is that what you were looking for?

Hi martward,

The event handles should work as explained by DaveWaltonMusic, and allow to create fade ins/outs, come up with event length and volume changes.
Does it now work as expected?


Hi Lars,

martward is right. The way DaveWaltonMusic describes the fade in/out is in the main composition window. This works how described. martward means how it is supposed to work in the editor window, where you can set a fade in/out to a selected part of the track. It does not work like it supposed to or at least not how it works in Cubasis 2. Especially annoying is that the selection gets lost after doing the fade or another operation. Confusing is the ‘select’ button because it actually does not do anything. You actually use the locators to select a part of the track but the jump back to their original position after an operation is done.

Regarding the editor: Is it possible to add a crossfade function? This is such an essential tool to be used after gluing tracks. It is hard to do without.

If find the options of the audio editor in Cubasis quite limited so at least the functions that it offers should work very well.