? select track- rt click slow behavior

not sure if this is a bug, a design problem, or just my system. In C5, if I clicked to select a track and then rt clicked for sub menu, it was instant. In C6 if I select a track, then rt click for sub menu, nothing happens, if I rt click again, then I get the sub menu.
also if I wait a few seconds after selecting the track then the menu comes up the first time, so basically theres just some kind of lag time after selecting a track
Not the worst thing that could happen, but it is different than what I’m used to.

The right click menu on the mixer channels works instantaneously for me.

WIn7 x64, CB6 x32.

Did you test in a new project?

well I did a couple of things, yes I did a new empty project, added 6 audio tracks and selected them, same behavior. Then accidentally I just rt clicked on a different track and instantly the menu came up. So I continued rt clicking on other tracks and again instantly the menu came up. Then I selected a track again first and then rt clicked, the lag returned. Well i guess I will change my track selection technique.
thanks for the reply.

I’ve got the same lags.

Same here…


Konundrum, we are talking about Project Window, not about the mixer.
Some new details. If you left click in the track list and then right click in the same area, so nothing happens and you have to right click once more to see sub menu. But if you make the right click at once, then you’ll get the sub menu instantaneously. So, if you wanna select a track and get the sub menu for it, you must just right click on THAT track and you’ll get what you want immediately.

Ah sorry bout that misread the op…

I’m getting the same behaviour you mention here…

Using W7 64bit pro - Cubase6 32Bit.