Select Tracks Then Alter all levels?

Can you select a range of tracks then move their faders all in direct relation with one adjust, so they all move up or down.

Trying to turn down 5 tracks without turning down 2 others in the same group, I’m sure you can do this?

Sure I’ve seen this somewhere but cant find it in manual ?

Yes, multiple posts if you can find them?

Select desired channels, right click on mixer and select link channels then move a linked fader, all will move relative.

The up/down arrow keys will also move the linked faders but will not move relative,(so don’t do that!)

Thanks Pal

Just what I was after :wink:

Another question, I seem to accidentally alter my fader vol, if I’m a bit careless selecting the track, yet seem to click on the channel away from the fader area and it fails to select the track, have found the black area near the fader works but if you miss it you change the fader vol. there’s no fader undo is there? - there should be a pref ‘selecting track cannot change fader level’

Any tips here?

Main tip is… Be careful when selecting :wink:

But if you look in preferences (somewhere) there is a preference that changes the behaviour of how the fader responds to a mouse click that can reduce the problem.

Two very good pieces of advice there Split!