Select Tracks with Selected Events in Project Logical Editor

I know there is a preference for this ‘track selection follows event selection’, but A.) What if the events are already selected? Flashing the preference setting on/off, doesn’t select the relative tracks of already selected events. and B.) With the preference on, and using the PLE to select muted events, it ignores this preference.



A) How could be the event selected an other way then B?

B) Yes, this is an known limitation.

If you’ve selected events first with the preference off. ie, I should be able to do it manually whenever I want with the preference off?


Yes, you can do it manually anytime. But then the triggering action (select the event) is not called.

I can’t find way to do it manually to sync track and event selection, AFTER, events are already selected with the preference off.


Just to select other event, and back the one you want to.