Select Waves folder - unable to have dialogue.

I have just installed Dorico. Some teething problems installing on my iMac but the purpose of this Topic:

I et a dialogue asking to select the location of the Waves Plugin folder - BUT, I cannot navigate it at all and have to cancel. I have waited for a prompt and I’ve also put an Alias of the folder in the folder it is defaulting to, which is the Root. But even then I can only select the Cancel button.

Am I alone in this?

Is there a fix?


Perhaps you will find this thread helpful?

Daniel has it right ! This was my thread and we solved it :slight_smile:
I got rid of every bit of old plug-ins in my mac and I don’t have any old window asking me to locate any Waves folder anymore (every plug-in before 2012 was removed, if it can help you. I just looked at the creation dates in the Finder)

Thank you Daniel and Marc for your replies. I don’t want to remove Waves from my system.

Hopefully if you have your Waves dongle connected then the dialog won’t appear?