Select whole staves no adjacent, i.e. trumpet 1 and trumpet 3

Sorry to ask such dumb question but I must have a senior moment right now.

I can’t find how to select whole staves no adjacent, i.e. trumpet 1 and trumpet 3, in order to reduce those two lines to a guitar.

Please help. Thank you in advance.

Is anything in here helpful?

Thank you so much Daniel, I saw that in the help but it only shows how to
Select everything on multiple adjacent staves
I need for making reductions, swapping staves, etc., Select everything on multiple NO adjacent staves
The only way I can do it as workaround is making custom scores (so that they are adjacent) but I assume that these is not the way I am supposed to be doing it.

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You could try filtering them in Galley View. That might work?

I am in Dorico 3.5. I have updated to Dorico 4 but my main computer doesn’t go beyond Mac OSX 10.13. So at the moment I cannot use it… I am saving for a new computer :o)

Select the first note in the staves you want to copy/reduce (ctrl/cmd - click) and after that use select more.

Hi Rafael!!! Yes!!! That is the way I have been doing it AND THAT I FORGOT!!! Oh my good, thank you so much!!!

I was doing alt A (select to the end of the flow) and that command selects all the no adjacent staves.

it would be nice to include it in that chapter of the help for the big senior moments :0)

You mean Select More? It’s on that page already. Be aware though that “Select More” works on the types of items you’ve selected, so if you don’t start with dynamics selected, then subsequent dynamics won’t get picked up.

Another method is to switch to galley view, use instrument filters to show only the staves you want to select, then select those staves using e.g. the “Select to End of Flow” command.

Thank you Lillie!