Selected all to move 16 bars, the automatization of the tracks will not move

HI All,
Probably allready posted somewhere, but can’t find. I I Select all to move my song 16 bars, all my events are moving. No issue. Only! my automatization of the tracks like effect controls, volume, panner etc. Not moce. Just because they aren’t selected when I select all. Is their a shortcut, tips etc…
Now after moving my events I must check all settings per track.
Dank je / Danke / Thanks / Merci / Gracias / Obrigado / Takk
gr. Peter


Show all automation tracks first. Then Select All, please.

Thanks. That’s how I did it, but that’s a lot of work when you have many tracks. A bit time-consuming for only moving the complete song 16 bars.

I think you want automation to follow events.

In the edit menu tick automation follow events.


Thanks! sometimes it can be so simple! top! Of course… must find it find it first!

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balconalmar, there is a ‘show all used automation’ function, but gstar’s suggestion is still the better way.

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