Selected areas become too dark

This problem occurs with Cubase Elements 9.5.21.
When I select a part of an audio file, or Midi events, the selected waveform or the events on the controller lane become too dark. (Please, see the screenshot) It might be related to the previously documented “VST Amp Rack GUI dark or flickers” problem, as it is also present on my system.

Choosing a different colour scheme does not help.

Elements 9.0.40 works fine on the same system, so it does not appear to be a Windows/hardware problem.

My system is: HP Z210 Workstation, i7-2600. Intel HD P 3000 Graphics, E-mu 0404 PCI soundcard, 8 Gb RAM.

The origin of the problem could be when my ATi RAdeon HD4770 graphics card died and I opted to use the built-in Intel Graphics. Since then Cubase quite often freezes when I exit the program. Unfortunately the AMD Catalyst is present on the system too and due to a damaged install, I cannot unistall it. However all other programs, including Elements 9.0.40 work fine.
Selected wave invisible.JPG
editor selection invisible.JPG