Selected drum note in the score not linked to key editor

as you can see from the pictures below if I select a note in the score, the related midi note in the key editor won’t be selected

Schermata 2022-06-08 alle 08.12.43

Instead, if I select a midi note in the key editor, the related note in the score will be selected (with a different colour though, perhaps this has to do with the voice note color…?)

Shouldn’t this feature work the same way in both scenarios?

Indeed it should, but the reason this doesn’t work as you expect is because unpitched percussion kits and instruments are not currently handled by the Key Editor. Rather than showing the piano roll as it does at present, a dedicated percussion editor should appear, and that is what we are working on right now. The percussion editor will be included in the next (significant) update to Dorico 4.


Will it be possible to have the whole drum kit condensed in one track in the play mode/key-percussion editor in a similar way it is in Cubase instead of having separate track/editor per each instrument of the kit?
It would be very handy and it would make easier to write and edit a midi drum part

Certainly in the Key Editor you will have a single “piano roll” (but actually the percussion editor) for all of the instruments in the kit. In the track overview in Play mode it is important to be able to select individual instruments in the kit if they are routed to different endpoints, but you can’t edit the music in the track overview in any case.

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