Selected Event Indication display

Hi guys,

Is it possible to change “selected event” indication? Currently there is a thin red outline around the event selected, i wonder if it can be change to something more visible , … i have look in the preference but cant find any… maybe i have miss it

I don’t think so. As far as I know, this was discussed at length before now and I believe most users like it as it is. There’s no preference for this.

Okay , tq for your quick reply stingray …

I just transferred from Cubase and I really preferred to have inverted color when selecting tracks. It would be great if we have options for how this can be displayed.
Except this I love everything in Nuendo.


It is particularly difficult to see the red line indicator on red tracks. An option to choose the type of indicator (thicker obvious line, reverse color, etc.) might not be a bad idea.

I too would prefer the Cubase method of display. Cubase is superior to Nuendo in quite a few ways with regards to event and selection display.

I have to agree with this ,

Actually i dont really need Nuendo, Cubase Pro will be a good upgrade for me from my artist version.

But since its on sale, I went and bought Nuendo 8.2 …thinking that it will have all of cubase 9.5 features & DISPLAY.

Not much i can do now…im in Asia & i dont think i can exchange my nuendo to cubase pro

Glad we got people shared same thought!
I actually made a post in the Feature Requests subfourm regard this issue. It would be really helpful if you guys can help and bump the post a few times so it will more likely to be seen by the developers. Thanks!!
Here is link to that post:

And I hugely dislike the Cubase selection style and vastly prefer Nuendos red box.

As far as I heard it’s done using pretty different technique and the two does not play well together thus no choice.

In post whet I jump between a huge number of selected events all the time the flickering Cubase style just don’t work at all. My events can NOT change Color depending on selection that is just the worst concept of all time in my book.

But I do appreciate that different users see it in different ways and would not be opposed to choice as long as I can have a proper selected style and not inverted/changed Color when a event is selected.

What Erik said.


Yes, and many others share Erik’s viewpoint, particularly with regard to the flickering/flashing when quickly selecting events a large number of times. This becomes very fatiguing to the eye.

Thanks for replying!
I aware that there are users prefer the current method. So what we want is just add another method of display as preference.
If adding option is not the case, then is it possible to make the outline a little thicker at least? right now is very hard to see and easily blend with the warm colors on the clip, especially when zooming out.

Man, I can barely see the red outlined events – so wild that it’s different for some of us! Like others said, it blends with many colors and doesn’t stand out at all when you have very short objects selected.

The only way I can see this making sense is if the people that prefer the outlines are using transparent events and disabling colorize event background.

Oof - I just tried that. For me, enabling those preferences is very distracting/unclear and not easy to see many events because of their color.

Again, please: Everyone on this forum who prefers the Cubase way of handling object selection as an option, please go here: viewtopic.php?f=276&t=138522 and add your support.

I gotta ask: Was Nuendo always like this for how it highlights selected objects? It’s a very weird choice. A co-composer friend was here today and he said (word-for-word), “Dude, how the hell can you SEE that!?” :laughing:

Nuendo has always been like that, and I can only echo Erik -and I think most of the people working in Post- we absolutely LOVE it, and don’t want it changed.


I tend not to use red as an objevt color for this very reason. Not too big of a compromise in my opinion.

The bigger issue for me, in terms of visibility, is the file name text gets fairly illegible depending upon the object color. Black text versus white text, Etc. I do wish someone at SB would take the time to program switching to the most legible text color contingent upon the object color. The text color changes in some cases now but not really optimized yet at all in my opinion.

Yes, it has always been like this. It tends to be viewed as weird by those who are used to the Cubase colour scheme. As already mentioned, most post users prefer it this way.