Selected Midi Channel volume instantly turned off

Hello there!

I run Cubase 5 64bit on a pc (I5,16Gb Ram). I work on a project with audios and Vsts. My problem is that even i ve set CC7 on my desired volume for each channel, the selected channel on random timing, simultaneously drops volume to zero and then back to my volume set lvl ( but only beacause i ve drawn with the pencil the volume curve in that way that i ve given multiple times the same price horizontaly). So basically it’s like something else gives the zero volume price on each channel i select and i watch it during the playback in Kontakt.

Forgot to mention that all vst’s are loaded in kontakt.

Theoritically i can hear my project just by selecting an empty channel but when i dive in the MIDI channel to work on it and press play i have that issue.

Thank you in advance

I’ve found that if I select the midi tracks volume from the actual main mixer panel is stays put, making a volume change from within the midi tracks volume does not stay put…don’t know why that happens but it does and I’ve learned to live with it. Maybe there’s a preference to change that but I haven’t bothered.

Of course the volume can change on your midi track if you have it’s volume message set to something. Funny, yesterday I was playing around in a midi bass track, and I set the LAST bar to fade at the last note…the entire bass track’s volume suddenly lowered to where I could barely hear it…I shut down Cubase without saving & reopened to get back to where I was.

Thank you so much for answering. Setting the volume from mixer DID actually hold my volume steady while i am experimenting with my midi keyboard so thats something. If it works during playback as well, you saved me from a lot of trouble. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Your welcome, it’s good to know some advice or suggestions I’ve made actually amounted to helping anyone :laughing:

I don’t know why that is the case, but it works for me!

Seems it ought to also hold from the channel faders. I’ve not bothered to delve into this to see if there’s some setting/option that changes this.