Selected mixer fader highlighting contrast (adjustable?)

When I am in a fast flow (yes thankfully got to that stage now :smiley: ) I jump to the mixer (I know you could do it in the inspector for the track) and when I get there (40 track mix so far) I find myself scanning faders and having a little difficulty in finding the selected track fader as it is not different looking enough in colour contrast, just very slightly more grey. I only have 1 x 17inch monitor on this hobby machine.

Is there a way to change the contrast of the selected fader so it goes more obviously light grey (or white even?)

Or another suggested work round ?



It depends, what is the task in the MixConsole. If you want to adjust the currently selected Channel parameters, you can do this in the Channel Settings window, which automatically follows the current selection.

Iā€™m afraid, there is no the way, how to adjust the color of the selected track/Channel.