Selected notes color when editing multiple midi events


I’ve had issues recently with editing multiple parts. I don’t know if it’s a bug now with Cubase 10 or if I simply messed up something in my preferences. When I select multiple notes from different events in the key editor, the are indeed selected because if I move the selected notes with arrow keys, they all move. but only the active part changes to a dark gray color witch is very confusing. I simply cannot tell if they are all selected or only a few notes. There are no more visual references. It’s been driving me a bit crazy recently. You can see it in the attached image I sent.

Can anyone please help? Am I missing something?


It is working fine here if I edit multiple Parts and select notes (by dragging arrow) which are in the different Parts they are all visible as selected. I can’t see how you are coloring the notes as it is off-screen right. Does it make any difference if you change the note coloring criteria (I suspect it won’t)?

I usually set notes to color by velocity but no matter the setting, I get the same issue. I just figured out it’s only an issue when I’m showing note expression data. I can’t figure out why it would change the coloring behavior though.

Notes with & without note expression?

Yes, when the ‘‘show note expression data’’ is turned on, all the notes from other selected events are not changing color when selected. they stay this very pale gray like in my first attachement photo. Still I can select them and move them around but without visual support.

Not that I know that, it’s less of a problem. I can at lest turn the feature off temporary but still. I’d like to know if it’s done on purpose for a reason I cannot see or if it’s simply something that was forgotten.

Yup, I can confirm this occurs. Looks like you’ve found a bug. You should post it in the Issues sub-forum (it will get more attention with step-by-step instructions on how to recreate).