Selected notes on piano keyboard

I’m finding the way selected pitches are represented on the on-screen piano keyboard a bit unexpected.

  • Pitches represented by black piano keys not visible. (See screenshot)

  • After notes are deselected, they remain “played” on piano keyboard. (See screenshot)

  • It would seem that Dorico can get itself into a state where it will show some but just not show other selected pitches on the piano keyboard (although I can’t illustrate this in the screenshot below, I am pretty sure that this was happening on a large project.)

Can you provide the steps necessary to get Dorico into the state where notes that are no longer selected remain depressed in the on-screen keyboard?

The black keys are properly depressed, of course, but I understand that you find the depressed state a little hard to see, and I’ll talk to Ant about whether he would like to consider updating their appearance.

No, I can’t reproduce this every time.

After I got your reply I right away created a new project from scratch and was able to reproduce per screenshots below. But since then I’ve been trying for at least 15 minutes without being able to reproduce it.

In the case below the first screenshot shows the correct keys depressed (but no, I cannot tell whether the black keys are pressed down or not :nerd_face: and I don’t think my eyesight is that bad.)

then I tapped in bar 1 (per blue crayon) to select all the notes and still the notes in bar 2 remained depressed.

The only thing I can think of is that when I can reproduce the issue I have created the diagnostic project immediately after having finished doing considerable edits on a large project, and when I cannot reproduce it I have just been working on tiny example projects. Not much to go on I know. Sorry.

In this case, after about 45 minutes entering notes / editing this large score using a combination of touch, pencil and Magnetic Keyboard, the issue arose again.

I recall that:

  • I duplicated bars 412 through 416 from the staff above
  • transposed this passage down an octave
  • I then selected just the notes in bars 413 through 416,
  • brought up the piano keyboard in the bottom zone
  • saw all the corresponding (white) piano keys depressed as expected
  • selected the leftmost note D in bar 412
  • noticed that the corresponding piano key was not depressed (See screenshot)

However; I then:

  • returned to the hub
  • re-opened the project
  • repeated the steps above
  • saw that the piano key corresponding to the single selected note depressed as expected.