Selected track always plays an Abmin chord when I hit play

Something really weird just started happening. Whenever I hit play, in any location in the timeline, the selected track instrument will play an Abmin chord for 3 seconds. What the hell is going on?
I’ve disconnected all my MIDI inputs, but it’s still happening.


There is an Abmin chord in the chord track?

doesn’t matter where I put the play cursor. I always hear an Abmin

I created an unconnected MIDI track and selected that. It clearly is being sent MIDI data at play start from somewhere.

I’m sorry, but did you read my post? Are there any chords at all on the chord track?

Yes, there are chords, earlier in the project

I tried muting the chord tracks. Didn’t work.

Oh for f*&#$% sake. An Abm chord was selected hundreds of bars from where I was working and this caused it to sound every time I hit play. This seems like ridiculous behavior.

Nope, I spoke too soon. Unselecting the chord worked once. Now it’s sounding again yet the chord is not selected.

If you would like some help, simply answer my question and wait for a response. I’ll pick things up from there.

This is the correct behavior in Cubase. The last chord on the chord track will sound whenever you hit play.
If you insert an X chord as the last chord on the track, no chord will play.

Then why hasn’t it done this for the past week? I’ve been working on this project for a week now and it just started happening this morning.

I don’t know. But certainly something was changed in the project.

Definitely strange that, if this is the default behavior, I never noticed until now. For now, I have the monitoring for the chord track set to an unconnected MIDI track as sort of a “> /dev/null”.

You probably had the chord track monitor set to a track that does not produce sound, for whatever reason.