Selected track brings vst to top

Hello all,

i work with several vsti’s within my projects, and it gets a little tedious having to toggle my vsti thought the edit instrument function…

I’ve looked through the preferences and did some searching but haven’t found anything…

Is there a way for the vsti of the selected track to toggle on top? (btw i work with multiple monitors and have a dedicated monitor for vsti’s)

I’ve been finding myself digging through a screen filled with vsts looking for the one that corresponds to the track.

Any help would be much much appreciated :slight_smile: thanks

plugin UI handling is still one of Cubase’s major weaknesses. It’s possible they will address it when they do the Project window retrofit. However, based on what they did to the mixconsole, I’m not hopeful that it will be less messy.

I am new to Cubase and am loving it, but have to agree that window management is pretty horrendous given what the competitors are doing. The Cakewalk X3 Metro interface is a worlds beyond Cubase. Even something as busy as Samplitude has better windows management and better workspace control.

Thanks for the responses!

Thats too bad… i guess i never noticed it until i played around with another daw…

For ex. ableton, when you click on a midi track, its corresponding vsti pops up. Simple

This leads for a much cleaner workspace as well as shaving time off of the workflow…

Im wondering if theres some kind of macro/keycommand work around for now.

I had a macro that attempted to close all open plugs and open all plugs by iterating through the plug list on the selected channel. It was a kuldge and only worked on occasion. I gave up. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

This isn’t really any help to you, in terms of what you’re looking for, but have you noticed that when you click on a track the instrument rack (F11) scrolls to display the currently active synth?
having said that, it’s probably easier to click to edit the synth in the inspector than to click the edit button in the rack.

I havent noticed this actually… but now that i do, it would probably be a little easier simply navigating the visible vstis that way. Thanks for pointing that out!

@JMCecil – yea i suppose i’ll fiddle around with some of the macros…see if i can come up with something. I suppose its no biggie, but with a well rounded daw like cubase it comes down to details like these.