Selected track name remains displayed

When editing in the Tracks pane, I noticed that the name of the last selected track remains displayed in the top left of the pane header, even when I select a different song in the setlist. I find that misleading. When I change the song, nothing should appear at first until I click on a track in the selected song.

Selected Track stays active

I would also like it if I could set the length of the display field for the name of the selected track individually, because at the moment the name is always displayed in the center, it is not always clear in the header what the name of the file in the selected track is.

… yeah, thank you. We’ll fix it,

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Hi @Detgyver,

… fixed, next update.

… the clip name file in the clip header view can now be resized. Next update.


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Thank you Michael!

Thank you Michael, the resizable clip header works perfect!