selecting 1 note or event out of 2 possible??

Hey! I’ve seen a similar post before, but it didn’t answer my question so …
Is there a fast way to select on midi note out of 2 or one event out of two if there’s a lot of notes or event? I’m have to do this often and I’m tire of control clicking every single one of them … I created a macro to erace an event the skip the other, erace again … but I’d like to know if a simple patern selection function exist? thx

Well, there´s a preset for the logical editor, “delete each 5th note”. You can simply adjust that to erase every 2nd note, or select every 2, note, if that´s what you want

Another thing that you could do is to use the keyboard. I quite often use the left/right cursor keys to move selection to the next or previous note in a midi part (piano roll editor), then I can use Ctrl-arrows to move the note left or right or use Q to quantize, or the Delete key in your case. So you would want to be selecting the first note, clicking Delete, clicking the right cursor arrow, then Delete, then right, then Delete, etc. Can be very quick for shorter passages.


Pattern selection is a interesting topic. The following topic is about pattern selection as well. I suggest a method in the thread.