Selecting a bar and playing it doesn't solo it

I have a project where, for example, if I select a bar from the Harp staff and hit play, I correctly only hear the harp playing, as I expected.
If I select the Timpani staff and want to do the same, everything plays back and the Timpani don’t get soloed.
What could have happened?
Thanks a lot
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The solo differentiation depends on how many notes you select. I suspect your harp bar only contains a single note (or chord).

I’m not sure I understand what you mean, however the harp bar is full of chords.

What happens if you select multiple notes from the Timp part?

Sorry, I got that the wrong way round. I suspect your Timp bar only contains a single note, and as such, selecting just that one bar is insufficient to tell Dorico you want to hear solo timpani.

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Leo. Thank you! That has been niggling me for a while. I would select a bar and expect a single part playback, but of course if that bar has just a single note/chord…

Thanks, that’s probably it. It makes no sense whatsoever though. I hope this is something that will be fixed eventually.

I think this makes perfect sense, how else should it be? However, one way to select only a single note and not hear the whole score on playback is to use the solo function, assuming all your instruments come into the Dorico mixer on separate channels.

Actually it makes perfect sense.

Selecting a single note defines a start point for playback of everything. Selecting multiple notes (in multiple parts) defines a selective playback, which is really useful (eg if you want to audition just the melody and bass line)

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