selecting a barline and pressing enter causes a crash

today I tried to input something unmetered and this happened.

steps to crash:
open the project
unmetered.7z (404 KB)
in Write mode, select the barline between 3rd and 4th bar
press enter (intention was to make a system break - a reflex from Musescore)

Btw when I want to report a bug, is it ok to just post it here?

Btw2 :smiley: feature request for midi recording : to hear beeps even for unmetered music (like default 4 beeps before inputting from a selected position, so I don’t have to create like 4/4 meter and then to delete it)

I can replicate the crash here, though I can’t tell you exactly why it happens. Yes, this is a perfectly good place to report bugs.
Your request re MIDI recording has been asked before and is on the developers’ todo list.

Thanks for reporting this. I can see why this is crashing and we’ll fix this for the next version. It will only crash in the very specific circumstance that you select a barline that corresponds to a pick-up to a future time signature and the time signature itself is an open meter, so it’s hopefully not something that will happen often.

Not a big deal - but it can happen when you input something in free meter, place a few barlines … then change your mind and delete a barline … and you have a barline you can crash Dorico with (the barline has no signpost)