Selecting a clip (diff track) causes key editor to focus on beginning of clip instead of cursor

I think I found a similar discussion here:

The problem is this:

  • Edit some notes on a clip on a track somewhere in the middle of the song
  • Click a different clip on a different track (in my case, a piano part)
  • I want to be able to quickly see the notes around the cursor
  • Instead - I have to double-tap the spacebar to cause the key editor to scroll to the current cursor position

It seems like it would make a nice toggle feature. When editing a bunch of MIDI clips, having to double-tap the spacebar is a real headache.

Am I the only one seeing this somewhat blatent issue?


  • Sean


It works like this since ever. Actually, it depends, how do you open the Key Editor of the new MIDI Part. If you click just once to the MIDI Part in the Project window, the view remains. If you double-click (so you actually open a new window), the view changes to the default, what is the one, you described.

The workaround is to hit the [F] Key Command twice. Then you disable/enable the Auto-Scroll, which forces the window to show the position of the Cursor (playhead).