Selecting a freq/time range on one specified channel only

I’m fairly new to Spectralayer 7, and I think I must miss something obvious.

When I open a multichannel file in Spectralayer, I would like to be able to select, with the brush tools for exemple, part of the spectrum in one channel only. For example, selecting a specific time/freq range, in the right channel only, of a 2-channel stereo file.

Whatever channel being selected and/or solo-ed and/or muted in the Channels window, I can’t find any option preventing Spectralayer to select this range, in all channels at once (tried on a 5.0 file). Is such an option exist?

I have contacted Steinberg support 16 days ago on this topic… no response either.
Is there any serious support available for this product?


It´s not possible to do a selection in only L or R in the spectrum window afaik. There is a way to do it though:

  1. Duplicate the layer
  2. You can also rename the layers L/R and put them in a group with the correct file name
  3. Select the “Left” Layer and In Process - > Amplitude - > Channels Remixer : Choose “Right” channel and change from 100% to 0% (to silent the right channel in this layer)
  4. Select the “Right” Layer and In Process - > Amplitude - > Channels Remixer : Choose “Left” channel and change from Left 100% to 0% (to silent the left channel in this layer)

Now you have two layers, where one is only Left and the other is only Right, and it is possible to select one of either layers to do individual edits in the left and right channel.

If you need to make a stereo file again, after editing, you can merge them.

Hope this workaround solves your issue, and hopefully it will be made easier in a future upgrade.

Best wishes

Hi Maljud, and thanks for the reply. Might do the trick for some experiments.
But since I’m working mainly with multichannel files (typically 5+ channels), I hope that this feature will soon be implemented! But thanks again for your workaround, it is really helpful.
Best regards, Damien

Ok, I see! Yes, hopefully this will be implemented soon, to split up a multichannel file to separate layers or select and edit separate channels in the spectral editor in SL.

For now, working with 5.1 or more as separate channels when editing, I think the only way would be to split them up on separate tracks in the DAW and use SL as an ARA extension on each track. In Cubase/Nuendo there is the option to split them on import.

Best wishes