Selecting a range of notes below a certain pitch to split to a second staff

I have an imported MIDI file which is extremely messy, and it has condensed everything from a two handed keyboard part into one staff. I’m going through and moving anything below E4 down to Bass clef.

Is there a faster way to do this (other than manually using Alt-M), using selection and filter, or by setting a split point? As far as I can tell, the selection filter “by pitch” can only indicate specific pitches, not a range with an upper limit like I need. Split points only work while you’re entering the pitches from a Midi Keyboard.

The selection tool is extremely clunky and I cannot just click and drag it across the whole flow below that staff line (it selects any chord as well, and even individual notes that it doesn’t seem like it should based on my box.)

Do you import the MIDI as a Keyboard instrument?
It should automatically split, if it is a grand staff instrument Or you can set a manual split point in the Import Options

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