Selecting a region of sound effects in MediaBay Right zone


I saw a video that the person was selecting a region of a sound effect in MediaBay opened in the Right zone. But it doesn’t work for me. How can I select a region and drag it to the project?

By the way, what happened to the MediaBay key commands?

Thank you!


Use the ruler part of the Preview in the MediaBay Rack. The “locators” of the preview will be set. Now you can drag and drop it to the project.

Just for your information, the whole file is added to the project anyway, so you can change the cut spot after in the project again.

Thank you Martin. I was asking this for Media in the right zone. I’m going to try it again. It didn’t work last time.

Awesome. For some reason. It was not working last time. Now It should a locator on the very left!