Selecting a second note rapidly decreases page size

I have finished adding notes for a piano piece and want to add slurs where appropriate. After I select the first note under a slur and then press “command” (on Mac) to select the last note, the command button rapidly decreases the page size, making the process time-consuming and downright frustrating. I suspect there is some wrinkle I am unaware of but haven’t been able to sort it out either on my own or by searching the forum. Ideas?

  1. Select first note.
  2. Scroll to wherever the second note is using two fingers.
  3. Once that note is on screen, push down Cmd and use one finger to select the final note under slur.

If you hold Cmd and then drag two fingers up/down/left/right, it’ll zoom. This behaviour is the same across Dorico, Sibelius and MuseScore, which either implies that notation software developers are intentionally making this consisent, or it’s something specific to the Qt application framework they all utilise.


Thanks, Leo. That does it! (My mistake was in letting two fingers rest on the trackpad when I selected the second note.)

I’m not sure about trackpads but, in many applications (browsers included), zoom in/out will occur if the Cmd key is pressed while the scroll wheel on a mouse is used. I have done that accidentally many times.

That is universal OS-level zooming behavior.