Selecting a Track via Key Command (by its name)?


is there a way to select a certain track via a key command? I remember that there was a way to do so, if the track has a given name like “Bass” or so, but I can’t remember how to do it.

+1 on this!

I’m making some cool Macros with some Logical Editors to basically arm some of my favorite midi instruments - i.e. Piano, bass, etc.

So I have the macro basically going - Open folder, record enable track named "Piano, but I can’t figure out a way to tell it to SELECT that piano track.

Currently I just click on it… but i’m so close to having it be all in one key command! (well, i’m using the IC Pro iPad app)

Hope someone knows the answer!

I actually figured it out.

Okay, so in the Logical Editor --> Set the Filter Target to NAME - Equal - “Piano” (for example)

At the bottom of the LE, there’s a Function tab that drops down. Make it say SELECT instead of Transform.


Hope that helps. You can then assign that a key command or put it into a macro!

Thanks very much. It’s working.

Have a nice day.