selecting all events between left and right locators?

Hi all,
Is there really no way to select all events between left and right locator,
only on a selected track? (in the project window) it seems basic to me but i can’t find a way to do that?
any ideas?
I can select “in loop” for all the tracks in the loop, and “all on selected track” for all on the track but not
all the events in the loop and on just one track. Am i missing something?


I could imagine simple Macro for this:

  • Track Visibility Agents > Show Only Selected Tracks
  • Edit > Select in Loop
  • Track Visibility Agents > Show All Tracks

Does it work to you?

Great! it did work. Thanks Martin!
I am new to the Macro but it looks like a very useful tool. I will look more into it.
selecting in a loop on specific tracks seemed basic to me though, I thought it is there already and I missed something.