Selecting all non-black spectral data


I have isolated the voice track from a music file using RX7. I have opened both files: the original music file and the isolated voice track. I would like to select ALL the non-black pixels/frequencies/spectral data and save that selection, then load it in the original music file, thus creating a perfect voice layer, for further editing. How can I achieve this? And can I adjust the CONTRAST of the selection to my liking? Thank you! :smiley:

Also, is there a way to process a layer/selection by applying a VST plugin to it? :question:

I read somewhere that VST support was planned back when MAXIG owned SL.

This guy Bill Evans (a colleague of Robin’s.?) started out writing about SL Pro and its progress towards release on KVR here…:-

Seems they had some kind of VST support readied, eventually abandoning it in favour of building in ‘something new’ instead; something that will ‘blow our minds’… :open_mouth:

Sorry, I know its no new info for you; but at least it indicates, they’re on it…!