Selecting all notes by chord

Hi there

I’m hoping someone can advise me on the best method to use in order to select all notes of a chord, or all instances of a chord.

The reason I want to do this is so I can reuse a piece of dynamic reggae riddim piano that uses a different chord progression.

Not sure if this is something a logical Preset does in the piano roll or if it’s something best solved with chord track. The only way i know how to do this with the chord track is to manually select the instances of the chord I. E. There is no select all chords matching B for example.

I don’t have a specific answer. But if I was looking to do this I’d explore the Logical Editor first. It might get unwieldy if you need to look for all the different interval combinations of various inversions. But it could also be easy. Not at DAW now but will try to remember to take a peek when I am & see if anything pops out.

Take a look at the example Logical Editor Presets in the Musical Context section. Some of those show how to select say any notes that are the 5th of the current. You could OR several of these together to snag all the intervals.