selecting all notes vertically in key editor ?

is it possible to select all notes in key editor vertically ?
for example if the Key Editoe is zoomed in vertically i cant see Big piano chords(left hand play low and right hand very high chords the same time) , i can see only 2 notes of the chords for example.
but i dont want to zoom out or scroll from up to down all the time,and it was nice if i could select all notes vertically with select tool and modifier (as with range tool with cntl+shift in the project window for track events)
i cant find this option also in the select menu,even if its less intuitive…

How about setting the locators the the selection you want and hitting ‘Select in Loop’?

very nice .thanks (with borat accent)
but its little slow workflow when lots of editing is needed, but probably a macro doing that would help speed it up, but i wish such selection could be done with the selection tool (or range tool for key editor in C9)
generally some new tools for key editor would be good for C9

:laughing: Yes, I agree.