Selecting All Tracks and Track Folders in Cubase's Logical Editor

Hello Everyone,

I am encountering an issue while attempting to create a preset in Cubase’s Logical Editor that would enable me to select all tracks and track folders simultaneously. I managed to set the filter to accurately identify all the tracks and folders. However, the challenge arises when trying to select the folders, as the available function “Select Track with Same Version ID” only partially meets my needs by selecting the tracks but not the folder tracks.

This limitation prevents me from achieving the desired outcome, which is to have a shortcut that, when activated, highlights all tracks and folder tracks.

Is there an alternative method or function within the Logical Editor that allows for the selection of both tracks and folder tracks?

Thank you all.

It all depends on what you want to do
select or transform
but also what version of Cubase you have
Because Cubase 12 Pro and/or Cubase 13 Pro
allow you to add commands
pre and post treatment in a PLE


So I choose the Woodwinds directory
as well as the tracks that are part of it
and I make them visible while hiding them…

You can also select by track color which is simpler

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The Folders don’t have the versions, therefore no Version ID. What exactly do you want to do, please?

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Thank you for the screenshot; it was an unexpected help.

I found the “transform” button intriguing and decided to open it.
To my surprise, it offered a selection option that perfectly suited my needs, eliminating the necessity to use the Pre&Post Commands section.

Thanks once again.

Hello Martin,

I wanted to create a shortcut for highlighting all tracks and group folders in my project session and turned to the Project Logical Editor for a solution.

Initially unaware of the “Selection” option within the “Transform” area, I mistakenly searched the Pre/Post Commands section for a way to select items. The real solution, however, lay in the “Selection” feature found within the Transform option Panel (Lower Right Section of The screenshot From @Freudon ).

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